Salon Matriarch ~ Co-Owner

Healthy hair is my passion, I believe in giving the client as much information about maintaining healthy hair with the best hair care products for external and hair vitamins for internal.” – Daphne

Daphne has spent over 30 years as a professional hair designer, has owned and managed many salons and believes her success is through providing prompt, friendly, yet professional service. Daphne serves customers from the age of 4years old to 94! She has enjoyed the diversity of her clients, satisfying clients of multi cultural and diverse backgrounds.

Daphne values the clients time and finds that pre-booking allows prompt service, with her time proven systems you don’t spend all day in the salon. Every client receives a mini consultation and a 3-5 minute therapeutic relaxing shampoo. As well as personalized hair and scalp treatments when necessary.

Daphne believes in continued education and staying up to date on styles. She recently attended a “Healthy Hair” Seminar in Atlanta, GA where she has begun her training in Tricology treatment, the study of hair and scalp disorders. Her plan is to make this her future focus, as she has seen over 3 decades, the changes in hair care needs of women and men. For hair care analysis, call for a special consultation.

Specialty services for this Level II designer are:
– Healthy Hair Analysis
– Hair and Nutrition
– Specialized Weaving Techniques

Daphne is available to speak to women or teen groups on the topic of hair, health and fitness. Daphne is a salon owner, mother, and active in youth ministry. Health and fitness are her focus. She enjoys creating or building something with her hands, people, watching a full moon and the sun and wind on her skin.


Master Stylist ~ Co-Owner

With over 15 years of experience Shawneece is one of the most sought after designers in Orlando, Florida. For this busy master designer pre-booking is required.

Shawneece’s customers range from housewife to lawyers. She’s able to accommodate her professional clientele by offering evening and weekend time slots. Shawneece has a precise eye for hair cuts, highlights, color and takes pride in helping clients to maintain healthy hair. Through consultation she educates each client in proper home care. With recommendation of the right products you are able to have that salon hair look!! Shawneece enjoys performing that transitional make-over. She’s fun, honest, creative, and professional.

Shawneece is a salon owner, wife, and a mother. She roller blades, swims, and runs 4 miles to keep fit. Her hobbies are reading, fishing and enjoying a day at the beach.

Master stylist are trained and educated beyond state and local cosmetology requirements. Above all else, they are highly skilled at their craft. Many began their careers  working under other master stylists. Competition for apprenticeships  under a master  stylist is fierce. A Master stylist is someone who has excelled through years of experience and have become a “master”  at their craft. They are more knowledgeable and  their work is expected to be of a better quality.

The Artist
Master stylists earn a reputation as trendsetters. They perform precision haircuts and are experts at color formulation. A tell-tale sign
of a true master stylist is the use of only shears and razors when cutting hair. They develop a “signature look.” Clients flock to them
because of their work. They often have waiting lists.

The Educator
Because master stylists distinguish themselves as innovators, other stylists want to train under them. They may decide to take on a few
stylists as apprentices. Working under a master stylist for several years is considered the best path to becoming a master stylist.