Art Tech Hair Studio 20 years exceptional Service


Art Tech Hair Studio is excited to announce that on August 24.2018 will be our 20th years anniversary of exceptional services. We are very appreciative and honor that our clients over the past 20 years have entrusted us with taking care of their natural hair needs.

Art Tech Hair Studio isn’t like other salons……..

Our clients are invited into an upbeat setting with positive music that set the tone of the environment.

Clients are greeted by our Salon coordinator with a smile. The salon coordinator is there to help set up our clients’ hair appointments and to make the salon experience a positive one.

We shampoo our client hair with filter water.

We dry our clients’ hair with warm towels.

We educate our clients of proper ways to maintain the health of their hair.

We offer water to every client.

During colder months we offer coffee and tea.

All services are done in a timely manner.

We provide foot rest for clients who want to rest under the dryer.

Our establishment is very clean and organized.

All our staff members are professional and friendly.

This is what makes Art Tech Hair Studio……more than a salon. It is an exceptional experience. Over the past 20 years we remained true to our goal of making sure that our clients experience excellence through our professionalism and our commitment to maintain the health of our clients’ hair.

Help us celebrate a major milestone by telling us your positive experience with Art Tech Hair Studio and how our salon has made a difference in your life.


Art Tech Hair Studio…..More than a salon.


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